I'm always a bit dubious about beauty brands telling me they have celebrity clients (posting a sample to their agent doesn't count I'm afraid!), but this one is definitely an exception. The lovely gals at Karin Herzog have been given the go-ahead from none other than Clarence House to say that, yes, indeed, Kate Middleton really does uses their Oxygen Skincare products and regularly has Karin Herzog facials. Hooray! Some real facts! Kate has a stunning complexion and is a dream endorsement for the skincare brand that focuses on using pure oxygen to detoxify the skin. Her chosen moisturiser is the Oxygen Face Cream at a very affordable £35, whilst the professional facials maintain the tone and texture of her skin. As a little investigative exercise, I sent my Brides colleague and bride-to-be Nina Polledri to road test the facial. Did she emerge looking like a polished princess? Let's find out! "My therapist Danielle explained that the treatment would be centered around massage and stimulation of the pressure points. This was done to encourage my lymphatic drainage system to bring toxins and bacteria to the surface which was then removed to leave my pores cleansed. She also said the treatment should help prevent me getting any spots or blemishes for the next three weeks. She informed me the facial was one of a course of three which is their bride-to-be package, and suggested that the three facials are done three months prior to the wedding. The second facial in particular also concentrates on the chest and décolleté area. Apparently the use of Oxygen is very effective in getting rid of bacteria under the surface of the skin which causes spots, and Danielle said I would have a 'glow' later that evening. It was very relaxing and was more like a facial and massage combined when I compare it to other facials I have had as she massaged my forehead, top neck and full length of my arms, then hands. Pressure was applied to my pressure points for a few seconds, then massaged down, what I am guessing, are the lymphatic veins so it had a reflexology feel to it. It was very relaxing. I had a glow when I left, which then lasted for the rest of the evening and my skin was left feeling very soft and supple. I came out with a few very small spots over the next few days, which I presume was the grime and toxins being brought to the surface. About five days after I noticed my skin looking very clear with a perky skin tone and a healthy flush." So if Nina's experience is anything to go by, Kate is probably having her facial right this minute to ensure a blemish-free complexion on the wedding day. I for one can't wait to see the results! To find a salon call 0800 056 2428 or visit www.karinherzog.co.uk To buy Karin Herzog products, visit www.shop.karinherzog.co.uk