Kate Middleton's radiant complexion is not only down to her engagement to Prince William. The princess-to-be is also a fan of Karin Herzog's oxygen-infused skincare line. Karin Herzog Swiss Skincare is a pioneer of oxygen beauty treatments, which work by delivering the cleansing properties of oxygen gas deep down into the skin to destroy bacteria.

Kate Middleton is reportedly partial to Karin Herzog's Oxygen facials, although the high-performance Oxygen Face Cream is proving a real winner.

Ideally suited to 28-year-olds like Kate (the Vita-A-Kombi range, with its extra dose of oxygen, is recommended for the over 30s), the Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream is a great multi-tasker and helps to instantly reveal a fresher and more radiant complexion through its gentle but effective formula - perfect for brides-to-be who want to keep their make-up light and natural.

Like Kate, it's also worth considering having regular facials from four months prior to your wedding day to get your skin in tip-top condition. Find out more at www.shop.karinherzog.co.uk.

Karin Herzog Oxygen Face Cream, £35 for 50ml.

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 3 spot zapper, £21 for 16ml.