With Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement finally confirmed, the bridal industry has quickly turned its attention to the big question - what will Kate wear as she walks down the aisle? The award-winning editor of Brides magazine, Deborah Joseph, gives her expert opinion: "I think she will wear a British designer but I can't decide whether she'll give a nod to tradition and go for someone classic such as Bruce Oldfield (design pictured) who designs many bespoke gowns for royalty."

Although the royal family are certainly ones for tradition, like any young bride, Deborah thinks Kate's age and personal style will play a large part in her final selection: "On the other hand she may be totally independent and forge her own way, setting herself up as a new fashion icon by choosing a dress designed by someone younger and hipper like Jenny Packham or Alice Temperley."

"She's a young, modern woman so I think she will like to do her own thing but incorporate a traditional touch; for instance some brides take a piece of jewellery that belonged to someone special and have that sewn into the dress. I imagine she might like to do that." Either way we're sure there will be a queue of wedding dress designers waiting for that particular royal appointment.

What do you think Kate Middleton will wear to marry Prince William?