Is it ever ok to invite your ex to your wedding? In celeb land it seems so with both Kates adding their former loves to the guest list. Miss Moss has given Jefferson Hack, the Dazed and Confused founder who she dated for four years (pictured), a front row seat. He may be the father of eight-year-old Lila Grace but husband-to-be Jamie is said to be less than impressed that the man she might have married will be attending the big day. Miss Middleton has topped up her side of the guest list with Rupert Finch, who she dated before Wills at St Andrews, and Willem Marx a former fling from her sixth form at Marlborough College. Not to be outdone by his future bride, William has invited no less than four exes, including first love Rose Farquhar, summer flames Arabella Musgrave and Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and love-turned-friend Jecca Craig. 'Can anyone see of any reason...', we shall soon see!