She may have gone from Miss Moss to Mrs Hince but it seems the Croydon-born supermodel will not be leaving behind any of her trend-setting ways.

As she and Jamie enjoy their honeymoon on a £10 million yacht off the coast of Corsica, Kate will be strutting along the deck in her favourite wedding present - a pair of bright red snakeskin shoes from designer Terry De Havilland, inscribed with Swarovski crystals on each sole, spelling out two rather rock and roll phrases: F***you and F***me.

The five-inch platforms were secretly commissioned by Kate's closest friends and presented to her at her £1 million reception (they could hardly buy her a Magimix). When De Havilland found out who the Margaux shoes, which normally retail at £600, were a commission for, he offered them free of charge as his own wedding present. When after a gift list like no other, it helps to have a few celebrity friends!