If we had to give you one reason to go to this hotel, and one reason only, it's that the sunset is one of the most glorious you'll ever see.


Picture perfect doesn't even cut it. The vista from your room, on a quiet, exclusive bay in Bodrum, is directly out onto the ocean, where the sun sits squarely in the middle of the horizon, before slipping in a tremendous arc away from view. And the hotel itself is just as impressive. Clean, white, streamlined features are what it's all about here, with a nod to delicate art deco.


Yes, there are children to be found at this hotel (ideal if you are looking for family fun on your honeymoon), but if you are seeking adult-only solitude, there are some blissful child-free areas, too. One such spot, by the main pool, is all soft white floaty drapes, ice-cold cocktails and smooth DJ vibes - the ideal place for a post-lunch snooze. We don't want to bore you with a list, but the watersports activities are endless. Batteries recharged, why not enjoy a few hours of fast-paced action in the sea before you scurry back to the sleek Barblue for a sundowner? Just in time to prepare for that magical sunset.


WOW FACTOR A relaxing water-therapy session at the traditional hammam is unsurpassable in the relaxation stakes.

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