Britain's most sought-after wedding planner Sarah Haywood is known as the ulitmate wedding insider. We asked her a few questions about the new leading trends for weddings you should keep an eye out for: Will the tradidional colour choices be challenged - with bridesmaids in white as Pippa Middleton did, and a 'back to black' selection from Vera Wang? When Pippa Middleton stepped out in the her slinky white bridesmaid's gown attendants and bridesmaids all over Britain, and beyond, breathed a huge sigh of relief. The lemon yellow, lilac and pastel shades of bridesmaids' hideousness is dead (and hooray for that). Now bridal boutiques are inundated with requests for what they can show brides-to-be for their wedding party and designers have gone back to the drawing board reinvigorated. Now British Royalty meets Bridal Royalty with Vera Wang bringing brides back to black for the first time in two centuries. No stranger to subverting tradition, when Vera Wang states brides can do something different, they will. For the modern UK bride, 60% of whom get married in secular venues and third of whom are marrying for the second time around, this is welcome news. But be aware that the beautiful black evening gown is a popular choice now for guests, so ensure you do not blend and still wear something spectacular to highlight you are indeed the bride! Is the bridesmaids' bouquet making a comeback? The wrist corsage 'Sex in the City' style accounted for a demise in the bridesmaids bouquet: it was seen as a cheap alternative when the budget was tight. Now Mum's love those instead of a corsage pinned on their bosom which get's squashed in all that kissing and hugging, and the handbag corsage is popular in certain social circles during 2011. But now the bridesmaids bouquet is back and it is big! Brides are opting for smaller, neater more structured bouquets for themselves with their bridesmaids carrying looser and larger hand tied versions. The contrast can be very effective on the eye and the wallet (the more structured the bouquet the more tie consuming and therefore costly it will be to create). Wedding favours are becoming more inventive and interesting - what is the next big thing? We have seen an ever increasing desire to incorporate a wedding favor with a table setting and place marker - three in one to avoid 'table clutter'. We detest table clutter, so we love edible place markers: 'Cup Cake Queen' Peggy Porschen's was at the forefront of the trend for individual cakes and and we love her individual bride and groom cookies (pictured). What does the future hold for wedding cakes? Couples have come back to appreciating that a spectacular cake creates a beautiful focal point and/or centrepiece and are opting for ever larger more lavish designs. Even if they do not need a large cake, we have seen couples simply adding dummy tiers to add height so the cake is taller than they are. And cake designers are really stepping up to the plate and asking for details to create bespoke designs that mirror and accent details of the wedding gown, stationery and general themes and flavours of the day. Getting pictures of the day is important, but what about videography? It is no longer acceptable to be presented with the full nine hours. Couples want a beautifully shot and edited documentary-style wedding film with a few minutes of highlights set to music that captures the essence of the day at the end. The top video makers have in the last few years completely transformed the wedding video market and put the wedding video nasty out to pasture. The affordability of video cameras and cheap digital editing software meant that for a few years charlatans caught couples out. Happily the professionals reign again. For more from Sarah Haywood visit; picture by Peggy Porschen Cakes, FASHION TRENDS AUTUMN 2012 CAKE CAKE CAKE! BE INSPIRED BY OUR IDEA OF THE DAY