The girls at Brides simply couldn't believe our luck when a long box from LOLA's arrived in the office. Naturally we're big fans of the delectable cupcake house - its hand-crafted chic and luxurious cupcakes never fail to whet our appetite and even brides-to-be on strict health regimes neglect their diet for the few minutes it takes to devour one of LOLA's delicious cakes covered in the most sumptuous, smooth icing. However when we opened this particular box the surprise that lay nestling within was beyond our wildest expectations. For there, encased in golden wrapping, were two rows of decadent Gü chocolate cupcakes. Could such a collaboration be legal? Made with chocolate brownie packed with flavour and bursting with chunky chocolate chips each cake is topped with a rich swirl of Gü's signature 70 per cent cocoa Belgian chocolate ganache. Words simply can't describe the ecstasy that each bite provides. In fact you simply won't believe how good they taste until you try them; whether as wedding favours or just for a decadent night in we strongly recommend them! Bite-sized TINY £1.25 Regular £2.50 Available at LOLA's first independent cake store 16 Landsdowne Row, Mayfair, London Or stocked at Selfridge's Food Hall, Harrods and LOLA's Kitchen Online store