Wedding DIY is all the rage ­- it's the perfect way to add personal touches to your day and save money in the process. Making your own wedding album is so easy, there's no reason why you can't add this to your DIY list. There's lots of free software available to help you design and print your own wedding book simply and quickly -­ thousands of couples have done exactly this at, so do check it out. Through the website, you can create a 20-40-page, 7x7in book from £6.95 plus P&P. Wedding photographer Jane Legate ( has tapped into the trend and produced a book for those attracted by DIY albums but in need of professional pointers. Ten Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Wedding Book is an 80-page guide that helps you choose layouts, select typefaces, introduce colour to borders and backgrounds, and use page templates to vary the pace of your album. Buy the book, from £14.95, at And if you book your wedding photography through Jane, you¹ll get a copy of the book free.