I didn't grow up dreaming of my very own princess wedding in a castle… But, turns out, that's what I got. Or near enough anyway.

When I was 24 and living in London, I met my husband, who had also grown up in Windsor - in the castle grounds, no less. His father was a chef to The Queen for over 30 years (and totally co-incidentally my little brother also sings in the choir for The Queen).

So, when we got engaged five years later and thought about where we'd have our ceremony, it was an easy choice. But which Chapel to choose?

Yes, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle chose St George's (which is where my husband was Christened), but they could have also chosen The Queen's private chapel in the grounds of Windsor Great Park.

For us, St George's was just too grand and large. It seats over 800 people and there were certain rules in terms of my gown that I didn't want to be restricted by.

The Royal Chapel of All Saints, on the other hand, seats around 90 people (a perfect size for our guest list), and is in the middle of stunning countryside. The only tricky part was the security measures (civilians - or families who aren't connected to the Royal Family -are not permitted in that area of the park).

In order for our guests to be allowed into the vicinity, they had to submit their car registration, colour, make, model and full names in advance. A serious extra bit of wedmin for us!

On the day, the list had to be checked by Chapel security and large iron gates swung open for our guests to be allowed in once their names were ticked. It certainly added to the sense of occasion. From there, it was then a short drive through beautiful, unspoilt, manicured parkland to reach the church.

When it came to photography, we were allowed to have photos taken almost anywhere, except for behind the Chapel itself, as it backs onto the home of Prince Andrew the Duke of York (who my father-in-law popped in on to have a G&T with on the day!).

To say 'I Do' and to sign the register under those intricate stained glass windows, knowing that so many famous royals in the past had married there, was just unbelievable. It felt so private and so special. And it was an absolute privilege and honour to be able to hold our ceremony there. We'll never forget it.