More and more couples are choosing to marry abroad and combine the wedding with their honeymoon.

Overseas weddings are recognised in the UK provided they do not contravene UK laws governing your eligibility to get married, eg you are not underage or you are not waiting for a divorce to come through. There are a number of tour operators that arrange weddings overseas, but contact the country's embassy or consulate directly for advice and to find out which documents you will need to provide and when.


Some countries require a minimum stay, usually of between one and seven days, and you will probably have to be in the resort of your choice for at least a few days before the ceremony to process any paperwork. Some states in the US ask you for a blood test before they will marry you.

For up-to-date guidelines, contact the UK consulate or embassy in the country in which you wish to marry. For details, call the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on 020 7008 1500. Each country is different, so do you research before booking.