There are several routes you can take when it comes to wedding make-up. The first (and most expensive) is to have a make-up artist come to your venue or home. Or you could try doing it yourself. Alternatively you could travel to a local salon or spa to have it done on the wedding morning.

This latter option has, until now, been my least favourite to recommend because it means having to use their old-fashioned products. At a time when only the very best will do for your skin, it's such a letdown to have your complexion pasted over with low-quality products in limited colour choices and textures.

Well, not anymore. At last there is a fantastic new brand, Mii Cosmetics, rolling out right now into over 200 salons and spas nationwide that will replace these old products.

Not only are the make-up items stunning quality (think modern, high-tech and flawless textures in colours that will make you look natural, fresh and glowing), but all staff stocking Mii Cosmetics have been trained to create beautiful and flattering looks to Mii's high standards.

The best way to find a Mii make-up artist is to look on the website (below) and find one near your wedding venue. Book in for a trial, then book an appointment for your wedding morning.

 The products will soon be available to buy online too so keep checking towards the autumn. I've fallen in love with the Flawless Face Base SPF10 (£19.95) - a very sheer foundation that feels like a tinted moisturiser but has more pigment thus better coverage. It's the ideal wedding base so make sure you try it out when you visit.

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