Well well well, BMI airlines have definitely caught our eye this week! We found out that, as of July this year, perfume maestros Miller Harris will be providing the in-flight beauty kit for their Business Class passengers. You'll receive a dinky little coffret containing a refreshing wipe, lip balm and moisturiser, all fragranced with the heavenly Miller Harris Citron Citron scent. After a stressful check-in and boisterous rush to the gate, we can't think of anything more appealing than inhaling this cleansing cologne, containing Sicilian Lemon, Spanish Orange, Jamaican Lime and Moroccan Cedarwood. The original fragrance is a popular choice for both men and women and we couldn't have selected a better match for one's take-off toilette. We also found out that Miller Harris products are available to purchase duty-free on board (tick) and Citron Citron is the chosen collection for BMI's first class lounge in Heathrow Airport (tick tick!). What with the upcoming British Airways strike rumours, we'll let our noses decide this summer's travel bookings. The Miller Harris Amenities Kit will be available to Business Class passengers on all long-haul BMI flights from July 2010. www.millerharris.com www.flybmi.co.uk