Scenting your wedding with candles is no new concept but it's always the vessel that can be a little disappointing. Unless you absolutely want to show off to all your guests that you've picked a specific brand, some brides I know would rather have something subtle and high quality, but not showy with obvious product placement. Say hello to perfume house Miller Harris' new Edit Candle Collection, pictured. As you can see there is very little branding and the natural warm grey and white colours will blend beautifully into most spaces.

My favourites are the skinny dinner-table style and the large grey pillar candle for window-sills or church altars, respectively fragranced in Bois Fumé and Bois Sauvage. Whereas most scented candles can be horribly overpowering, these are only lightly washed in soft earthy perfume so they will simply enhance a space rather than clash with it, especially if you're serving food. Miller Harris Pillar Candle in Bois Sauvage - £55 for 2kg Miller Harris Dinner Candles in Bois Fumé - £30 for 6 x 7" Miller Harris Large Candle in Bois Figuier - £65 for 615g See the full range at