1. At an all-white reception, ambient lighting is a must to help warm the mood and create an intimate feeling. And, of course, it would be a shame to plan and design an amazing event and not be able to see the details. So remember, you can never have too many white candles, in too many places!

2. White flowers are a key element for creating a lush, romantic look. White roses, peonies, gardenias and orchids are classically beautiful - but think about the meaning behind each bloom too. Lily of the Valley signifies a return to happiness, white hyacinths mean constant love, and myrtle is the very emblem of marriage.

3. Fancy a monochromatic look? Blend black and white tulips centerpieces for a dramatic, bold statement, offer your guests Irish coffee after dinner and think about making the dress-code black tie.

4. Don't restrict white to just the decor ¬- ivory edible treats are fun too. Try a white-chocolate fountain instead of the usual milk-chocolate one, and offer marshmallows and squares of sponge cake for dipping. Or serve a tiramisu or vanilla-cream trifle as a dessert instead of the more traditional fruitcake.

5. Distressed white is a hot look right now, so think about recycling with originality. Grab old furniture and heirloom pieces from your family and friends' attics and garages and make them your own by staining or repainting them white to go with your overall look. For more tips from Mindy, check out the September/October 2011 issue of Brides. Also, visit www.mindyweiss.com and download her app, Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss, or visit her blog, mindywess.com/blog.