Choosing your wedding photographer can be a tricky business; what style of photographer you want, what images you want captured, how you will have them displayed after the big day etc - there are lots of decisions to make there. That is why we've gone to top wedding photographers behind Moments Captured, Claudine Sinnett and Natasha Turrell, for their advice:


What is the most important thing to look for when choosing your wedding photographer?

"It's also great for a photography team to agree on the style of weddings they like to shoot. We both have quite a wide taste, from the DIY look to the most grand, traditional weddings; we've never been disappointed. We were even lucky enough to capture designer Candy Anthony's big day, which was really special. But no matter what the wedding, it's all about the romance for us. Tasha always has tears in her eyes at some point and I think a really great photographer needs to connect on that level."


Are two photographers really better than one?

"I've been a professional photographer for ten years," says Claudine, "but the last six years with Tasha on board have meant that Moments Captured can offer couples a service that's on another level. Being able to be with both the bride and the groom from the start of the day, as well as shooting multiple angles during the ceremony and reception, captures the day in a way that one photographer couldn't possibly manage alone."

"Tasha and I both have a natural, photojournalistic style with a traditional element to it," says Claudine. "I think it's really important that when photographers work together, they're on the same page in that way, in order to deliver a consistent service. I think it would be a nightmare for brides to receive an album that really looks like it was taken by two different photographers and that's why it's so important to communicate. For example, neither of us are fans of staged photos, but we both feel capturing the important moments, whilst telling the story of the day in a relaxed and authentic way is really important."


What is the most important thing for couples looking to book two photographers to consider?

"Shooting weddings is obviously about taking amazing pictures," says Tasha, "but there's so much more to being a part of someone's big day. You need to be able to be excited about the feminine moments with the brides and have a laugh with a very nervous groom. However, it's not only important to be personable and being able to blend in and to put people at ease, but it's vital that there's a great working relationship between the two photographers. That's what has made this partnership so easy for us. Whilst we're very professional, we're also two good friends who love hanging out and working together. From the feedback we get from couples, that's what really makes us stand out. We often hear that it feels as if we're part of the wedding party."


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