More ideas to keep your wedding budget in check...

7 months to go 

Transport Ditch the fancy car: 'Particularly if you are having a civil ceremony and not moving from A to B after the ceremony,' says Kelly Chandler at The Bespoke Wedding Company ( 'Very few people will see you making your grand arrival in a flash automobile.' Think big: Transport all your attendants in one trip with a five- or seven-seater car.

Cake • Downsize: Have two tiers instead of three, and if you're wrapping the cake for guests to take home, only order enough for 85 per cent of your guest list (they won't all take a slice). • Think square: A square cake will yield more servings than a round cake of a similar size. • Go easy on the flavours: More fillings means more cash. • Ask a friend: 'If you know someone who can bake your cake and then take it to a professional for icing and decorating, you can save 10-15 per cent,' says wedding planner Siobhan Craven-Robbins. • Make a stand: 'For a more intimate wedding, serve a stand of individual cakes rather than a small, tiered cake - the overall effect will be more impressive,' says Mitch Turner at Little Venice Cake Company (