Ed Miles

Mother-Of-The-Bride Dos & Don'ts

Your wedding may be one of the biggest days in your life, but don't forget it's also one of your mother's biggest days too.

29 May 2018

With her little girl is all grown up, it can be a time of not just joy for mother of the brides, but mixed emotions. To help your mum enjoy the process and feel part of your special day (without too much stress or drama), here are some of our top tips for mother of the brides.

David Titlow

DO go shopping with your mum to help her pick out a mother of the bride dress and hat. It's not just about your wedding dress – your mum wants to feel and look her best on the day too.

DON'T assume your mum will only feel comfortable in a classic mother of the bride outfit – a trouser suit or non-traditional dress is a great option, too.

DO include her in the planning process. Your mum will be a great sounding board throughout all the different decisions you make.

DON'T burden her with all of the wedding planning. She's there to help, not be your slave.

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DO facilitate the conversation between your mum and your fiancé's mother. If they have only met a few times, it's a nice idea to take them both out for a meal so they can get to know each other a little better. Also be sure they talk to each other about their wedding outfits so they don't clash or look the same!

DO ask your mother to attend your hen party, or at least a mum-friendly version of it. Even if she is just invited to the drinks at the beginning, she'll appreciate being included and meeting your friends.

DON'T invite her along to any naughty hen party events if she's going to feel uncomfortable. Be sure to make this clear to your maid of honour so she knows where to draw the line.

Angela Ward Brown

DO budget a little more so your mum can have her makeup and hair done on your wedding day. Even if it's just for one of these services, it'll help to make sure she looks and feels her best on the day.

DON'T forget to have some photos with just your mum. Let your wedding photographer know in advance that this is an important shot to take. It will make for the perfect keepsake or present for your mum once the day is over.