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Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

Stemming from the popular Mr & Mrs TV series, the Mr and Mrs Quiz is a classic hen party game that everyone can enjoy (yes even nanna). The quiz puts how well you and your partner know each other to test, while also allowing your hen party guests to get to know more about you both.

The Mr and Mrs Quiz can be played in a number of ways, but the most fun scenario is to task a bridesmaid with filming the groom-to-be's answers in advance. Then at the hen party, ask the bride-to-be to answer the questions one at a time, then play the groom's answers to see if she answered correctly. More often than not, one of them will get the question wrong and the results are hilarious.

Below are just some of our favourite Mr and Mrs Quiz questions to choose from. Of course, these aren't the only quiz questions you can ask, and there are always ways to make them more X-rated - depending of course if nanna is attending and doesn't mind hearing some sexy stories.

John Rowely

The Meet Cute

How did you meet?

What did you first notice about them?

What was your first conversation like?

Relationship Firsts

Where did you go for your first date?

Where was your first kiss?

Who said 'I love you' first?

What was the first meal they cooked for you?

What was the first meal you cooked for them?

What was the first movie you saw together?

What was the first trip you took together?

What's the best date you've ever been on?

What were his/her words when they proposed?


What is his/her favourite movie?

What is his/her favourite meal?

What is his/her favourite animal?

What is his/her favourite achievement?

What is his/her most embarrassing moment?

If your partner could have any music act perform at your wedding, who would it be?

What is his/her favourite item of clothing?

What is his/her favourite city in the world?

What is your favourite part of his/her body?

What is their favourite part of your body?

What item of clothing does your partner look best in?

What three items would he/she choose to take to a deserted island?

Describe his/her ideal date night with you?

When is your partner at their happiest?

John Rowely

Relationship Insider

What is his/her nickname?

What is his/her nickname for you?

Who is his/her celebrity crush?

What's your couple song?

What colour eyes does he/she have?

What is his/her most annoying habit?

What would they say is your most annoying habit?

Who would you say is the boss in the relationship?

Who would they say is the boss in the relationship?

Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress?

Who is the funniest in the relationship?

Who is the tidiest?

Who is the better cook?

Who takes up the most room in bed?

Who has the best taste?

If your partner was an animal, what animal would they be?

What actors would play you both in the movie of your life?

What would the movie of your life be called?