Daniel Galvin Jr is on to something brilliant. Within the walls of his esteemed Belgravia and Lanesborough salons, there's magic afoot in the form of a new colouring technique that's answering the prayers of many. Introducing Taliage by Daniel Galvin Jr, the secret to achieving incredible colour that's tailored to your hair's unique tones and shade.

Stage 1

A pioneer of his craft, Daniel has taken the Balayage technique and given it an epic transformation. The driving force behind his novel creation is the belief that over-processing hair with colouring is unnecessary and easily avoidable. The beauty of the Taliage technique is that colour is merely applied to the mid-lengths, leaving your vulnerable tips colour-free. So simple (yet so effective!), the 45-minute colouring process leaves hair in a wonderful state of equilibrium. The beautifully sun-kissed mid-lengths work in harmony with your untouched tones, introducing complexity and depth in shade but leaving an overall unified look.

Stage 2

To complete the treatment, OrganicHead Argan Oil Detox Hair Masque is applied to improve hair elasticity and improve any dehydration of your scalp. Finally, a Daniel Galvin Jr signature Belgravia blow-dry is in store. Leaving you with Hollywood hair that's the stuff of dreams.

Ready for my close-up!

Surrender your locks to Daniel Galvin's expert team and approach your big day with the confidence your No. 1 asset should give you! (That's your hair, in case you were wondering.) Your newly reformed tresses will help you radiate natural beauty and their colour will have a depth you've never known.

Book your appointment at either the Belgravia or the Lanesborough salons to experience the wizardry of Taliage. We can assure you that it is the best thing you will do for your hair before the big day.

Words by Lucy Farrell