Dear Make-up,

I'm really sorry to tell you this, but contouring is BS. Or Kontouring as I call it (courtesy of a certain Kim K). I have a big issue with trying to krayon my face to konform to kliché beauty standards. It looks daft and it plays on women's insecurities. A swoop of warming bronzer and a dot of glowy highlighter: yes please. Scribbles of poo, streaks of Tippex, circles of pink, a face like a Lion King audition then smeared to emulate a blow-up-sex-doll? Gross doesn't even come close.


I just don't understand this desperation to mask one's unique facial characteristics. But I do understand the concept: a bit like weaving magic corsetry into your wedding dress, the idea is to enhance and improve what's already there. But there are ways to do this subtly and elegantly without anyone seeing, like choosing soft boning over foot-in-the-back cinching. And doing some toning workouts to improve your body's natural shape in the first place.

Now take this latter idea and transfer it over to the skin on your face. What if you used a skincare product to achieve a more desirable shape from the very first canvas point, before adding any colour whatsoever? Is it even possible? Estee Lauder think so, and from what I've seen I'm convinced too.


New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum is Estee Lauder's magic corsetry for women who want to make a positive enhancement to shapeless skin, without resorting to silly kamouflage tactics. The serum works in two ways. It 'sculpts' using ingredients to stimulate structural components such as collagen, elastic and fibronectin - like reinforcing the scaffolding, window-frames, doorways and ballasts in and around a fragile building. It also 'volumises' the skin using natural plumping and filling ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, proteins and lipids - like adding a good dose of WD40, Polyfiller and plaster to reinvigorate crumbling walls. (Sorry for all the bonkers metaphors folks).

During their research and development, Estee Lauder gave samples to 308 case studies and monitored their emotional reactions using a system called Neuroscience Testing. After 10 weeks' use, 87% responded with a positive change in attitude with more enthusiasm about the way they looked in the mirror. And over on the Estee Lauder website, every customers who tried a preview sample from their local counter has given it a 5-star review. Every single one.


You hear that Kontouring? Positive, healthy, sane, empowering, enjoyable, realistic beauty brilliance.

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum, £62.