As I type, this very candle is flying off the shelves at Liberty's. We're talking grown-women-elbowing-each-other-with-major-side-eye style. Why? It's not a Christmassy one. It's not a hipster designer collab. It's not even a stock-clearance bargain. No22's Centrepiece is, quite simply, one of the prettiest things we've ever smelt and, once in a while, quality craftsmanship and decadent desirability prevail over everything. And it just so happens to be perfect for weddings.


Causing all this kerfuffle is No22's creator, Sophie Beresiner, who has concocted a small candle collection inspired by interior design and space-scenting, which includes this utterly, insanely beautiful Centrepiece. Being a journalist herself, Sophie explains brilliantly how this smells: 'A vase full of plump white peonies, so blooming perfect that the petals fall off when you brush past. A unique, sophisticated floral crushed with all the green parts including the stem.'


What we smell is the truest, closest replica of the perfect bridal bouquet made of suede-soft white flowers whirling in romance and ribbons and love, shot through with a garden freshness so it never gets headachy or too rich. This is the candle to light in your getting-ready room in the morning; then hand it to a trustworthy bridesmaid to re-light in the ceremony room and transport it onto the reception party to create a seamless floral scent through your day. After a few hours, the slightly narcotic, slightly powdery patchouli base notes really roll out and cast a sultry, hedonistic vibe around the room: not bad for setting the tone for the wildest after-party of your lives.

No22 Centrepiece Candle, £38,;