14 Cosmetic Doctors For Non-Surgical Treatments

28 Feb 2017

Thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure to fix pesky wrinkles or signs of ageing? Our definitive list of the best cosmetic doctors in the UK covers all your concerns to help enhance your look and make you feel fantastic in your own skin. Plus, there's plenty here for your maids, mum and your man, too! In our must-have directory of the top cosmetic clinicians for ageless skin, all cosmetic doctors are properly accredited (if you're considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, checking credentials is a must).


Dr Tracy Mountford

Head to Dr Mountford's award-winning clinics in London or Stoke Poges for some prettifying procedures that even your mum won't be able to detect. Grey-looking skin, tired eyes, that annoying, angry-looking line between your eyebrows - this doctor has got it covered. Her facial assessments are legendary. She'll ask you to grimace, smile and even cry so she can see how to flatter rather than freeze your expressions. Known for her Botox 'sprinkles', she scatters injections at strategic spots in the hairline to soften the brow so you look serene, not surprised. Using hyaluronic acid-based fillers (a substance naturally found in skin, which attracts water to the surface for a plump effect), she can gently correct signs of tiredness (smoothing 'tear troughs') or ageing (lifting jowls and saggy cheeks). The crack team of nurses also work wonders at slimming and shaping bodies with CoolSculpting (Dr Mountford is currently Europe's No.1 practitioner), a technique that freezes and shatters fat cells so they can be flushed out of the body.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £280; fillers, from £350, and CoolSculpting, from £800 (01753 646660; cosmeticskinclinic.com)

Dr Tapan Patel

Working from the gleaming white PHI Clinic (Harley Street's smartest address), Dr Patel's the guy who teaches other doctors how to inject faces with the most advanced Botox and filler techniques - his attention to detail is outstanding. At the moment, he's championing The MD Codes, a new mathematical way of assessing the face by dividing it into units to create perfect symmetry for the most natural-looking results. Always ahead of the curve, his latest toys include SculpSure, a fat-zapping laser treatment, and Ultraformer, a high-intensity procedure that unfurrows deep frown lines, lifts and tightens skin, working wonders on the neck and décolletage area.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £150; laser treatments, from £150, and Ultraformer, from £1,500 (020 7034 5999; phiclinic.com)

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh

A master craftsman, Dr Sebagh's hallmark is a light touch. 'Marriage can be cause for excess,' he warns, but as the art installation in his office proclaims, 'Less is more'. His trick is to use a clever combination of treatments (Botox, fillers and ultrasound lifting) that work dynamically on all layers of the skin. If you've noticed fine lines and pigmentation spots, you might want to consider Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, known as the Vampire Facial, a technique championed by Kim Kardashian where growth factors, extracted from your own blood, are blended with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, and injected back into the face for a superstar glow.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £500; fillers, from £500, and PRP, from £600 (020 7637 0548; drsebagh.com/clinic)

Miss Sherina Balaratnam

A handy hop from some of Buckinghamshire's most stunning wedding venues (Stoke Park, Cliveden), Miss Balaratnam's clinic specialises in treatments that work in tune with the skin's natural cycles. Procedures are usually spaced about six weeks apart (the time skin cells need to regenerate), but Miss Balaratnam suggests brides leave four-and-a-half months (three cycles) to see a difference. She uses the Visia system, a computer that photographs what's going on under your skin, and clients are asked to bring their own skincare so she can assess what's working and what's not. The most popular treatment is the Fire & Ice Collagen Wave Facial, a medley of iS Clinical's potent botanical masks (fiery sugar cane and cinnamon followed by aloe and green tea antioxidants) combined with EndyMed radio frequency for tightening. Dull skin dazzles and brides who've been hiding behind heavy camouflage make-up have the confidence to leave barefaced.

THE LOWDOWN: Fire & Ice Collagen Wave Facial, from £325, and fillers, from £350 (01494 670990; sthetics.co.uk)

Dr Preema Vig

Known for her excellent listening skills, Dr Vig finds out how you see yourself and will advise you on what's going to work on your face and what's not. As medical director of both Harvey Nichols's Beyond MediSpa and her own clinic in London, she uses a softly, softly approach to smooth away imperfections. That annoying '11' that's been hanging between your eyebrows can be wiped away with some Botox or maybe you need the tiniest drop of filler in your lips for a fuller, younger pout. Dr Vig was also one of the first doctors to offer Laser Genesis, a new rejuvenating laser that uses infrared waves (which feel like warm sunshine) to energise cells and stimulate collagen deep in the skin with zero downtime. Unlike other laser treatments, this can be used on people with darker or tanned skintones, too.

WHO TO SEE: Botox, from £200; fillers, from £200, and Laser Genesis, from £190 (020 7221 0043; drpreema.com)

Dr Michael Prager

Meet Britain's Botox guru - he's the biggest practitioner of it in the UK. While other doctors concentrate on using it around the brows and eyes, Dr Prager likes to focus on the lower half of the face, using crafty needlework to subtly turn up the angle of the mouth or rebalance the chin to strengthen the jawline. 'The chin is the most overlooked feature on the face,' he says. 'I use fillers like injectable make-up to highlight key areas and give the illusion of a lift.' His new Knightsbridge clinic in central London is going to have a longer queue than The Ivy Chelsea Garden.

THE LOWDOWN: Filler, from £495, and Botox, from £495 (020 7323 3660; drmichaelprager.com)

Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward

Why have one doctor when you can have two? This dynamic duo work as a team at their clinics in the New Forest and Harley Street, providing hands-on treatments (there's not a machine in sight here) from acne-busting Botox, delivered in diluted doses to reduce sebum and clear pores, to peels that give skin a pearl-like shimmer. If you're looking for miracles, ask about their seamless thread lifts that tackle skin laxity and rejuvenate the face, neck and even breasts (the duo were the first to introduce this to the UK). While Dr Woodward works with the slightly thicker PDO threads for lifting heavier areas (bulldog folds around the mouth and those ageing nasolabial lines), Dr Manning steps in with lighter Silhouette Soft polylactic acid threads, which work well on more delicate neck and eye areas. 'We do everything ourselves and don't work with nurses, so we're able to build really strong relationships with our patients,' explains Dr Manning.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £195, and Thread Lifting, from £300 (01590 608480; riveraesthetics.com)

Dr Barbara Kubicka

Operating from a smart London mews house so discreet that you'll probably walk right past it, Dr Kubicka is the Chelsea girls' go-to doctor. With a refreshingly holistic approach, she treats the patient, not the problem - and carefully considers your budget, lifestyle and how much downtime you're prepared to endure. For brides who want fast results with minimal sofa time, she might suggest meticulously crafted thread lifts to perk up your neck and eyebrows - plus, it will even correct asymmetrical noses. Dr Kubicka can shut down a greasy T-zone with minuscule droplets of Botox that work to tighten pores, and she champions the new of generation fillers, such as Neauvia, which, she claims, causes less swelling.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £275; fillers from £400, and Dermastamp, from £375 (020 7125 0521; clinicbe.com)

Dr Darren Mckeown

Based in one of the prettiest clinics in Glasgow (more boutique hotel than harsh lights) with another outpost in London's Harley Street, Dr McKeown proudly claims that 90% of his patients are word-of-mouth referrals. He's hot on everything from light chemical peels to wiping out the tell-tale signs of sun damage and undetectable lip fillers. 'I tailor all my Botox injections to a person's muscular structure - it's a bit like painting a picture. I'm a stickler for details and 2mm really can make all the difference between an overly arched, clown-like eyebrow, or a far more youthful lower, flatter brow,' says Dr McKeown. 'The best endorsement of my work is no one will know that you've been to me.'

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £250, and fillers, from £250 (0800 011 2729; drdarrenmckeown.com)

Dr Richard Sibthorpe

If you're slightly terrified of needles or lasers, the warm, friendly and funny 'Dr Sib', as his regulars call him, is the best hand-holder in town. He offers all manner of treatments, from the lightest baby Botox, which gently makes you look less weary, angry or anxious, to Liquid Facelifts that lift sagging jowls and eye bags on the more mature bride. He's a master of micro-needling - a process which consists of tiny injections delivered with a high-speed electronic pen (it's painless, we promise), which he fills with customised serums such as hyaluronic acid for plumping, caffeine for tightening and genius growth factors, which clear up spots and correct acne scarring.

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £270, and micro-needling, from £400 (020 7052 0070; doctorsib.com)

Dr David Eccleston

Based at MediZen, an award-winning Midlands-based cosmetic clinic, Dr Eccleston is famed for his precision Botox techniques. Using highly concentrated solutions, which are injected to relax single muscles, he can make an eyebrow flare, arch or lie horizontally. He's also an expert at the Nefertiti Lift, which uses carefully placed doses of Botox in the lower face and neck to lift jowls, firm up double chins and tighten up necks. And if you're super stressed and prone to headaches, he can help that migraine with another specialised Botox technique that targets trigger points (such as the forehead and back of the neck).

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £235, and Nefertiti Lift, from £500 (0121 667 5703; medizen.co.uk)

Dr Frances Prenna Jones

'There are two types of brides; the planners who come in the day after they get engaged, wanting top-to-toe mega programmes - and the panickers who arrive with just weeks to spare and want miracles,' says Dr Prenna Jones. She can do both. For the face, her radio frequency skin-tightening facials and mesotherapy (micro-injections to hydrate skin from within) are her forte. Body-wise, if you're planning a Pippa Middleton-style, derrière-focused dress, Dr Prenna Jones will CoolSculpt thighs to freeze away excess fat cells and smooth cellulite with VelaShape (a machine that uses radio frequency, infrared light and a vacuum to smooth out orange-peel skin). Then, for added wow factor, she'll call you back the day before your big day for Accent RadioFrequency, which has immediate skin-tightening, bum-lifting results.

THE LOWDOWN: RF Facial, from £190; mesotherapy, from £300, and Accent RadioFrequency, from £195 (020 7499 3848; drfrancesprennajones.com)

Dr Beatriz Molina

The fairy godmother of the South West, Dr Molina works her magic from two clinics in Bristol and Somerset. She wields the thinnest of needles to visibly relax anxious-looking skin, with the lightest sprinkling of Botox to smooth frown lines (often followed with a mild chemical peel to tighten pores). For mothers-of-the-bride, she can take years off a face with carefully placed Restylane Full Face Rejuvenation; she layers the filler using only three points on the face for less bruising. And for those on a budget, she'll often suggest the tightening benefits of her E2 radio frequency machines as a much cheaper alternative to injectables.

THE LOWDOWN: Radio frequency skin- tightening, from £250; Botox, from £175, and Restylane fillers, from £300 (01179 736661; medikas.co.uk)

Dr Neetu Nirdosh

From royals to the Primrose Hill set, Dr Nirdosh expertly tweaks the faces of the most photographed women in the world with super-targeted Botox and filler injections. 'The clients I see are very picky and particular - for example, I've been asked to make one lady's lips curl to show a couple of extra teeth when she smiled,' she says. 'My mantra is "little and often", so people come every three weeks for little touches and subtle changes that make all the difference. I aim to get picture-perfect results.'

THE LOWDOWN: Botox, from £450, and fillers, from £450 (020 7467 1524; drnirdosh.com)