I've fallen back in love with an old friend. We had a fling a few years back then it all got messy and I broke out in spots, so we called it a day. But last week, we were reunited by a mutual friend. She promised I'd see a big change, for the better, and that things really do improve with time. Welcome back into my life Olay; it's been a while but I'm prepared to forgive and forget. You're looking pretty good actually: I like what I see and I hear you've made lots of new friends. In fact, rumour has it you're doing better than ever and you're positively glowing. Ok ok enough of the tenuous metaphors - you know what I'm trying to say! I have been seriously impressed by Olay's new skincare launches recently and there are a couple of stand-out products that are absolutely perfect for your wedding day. The first is Total Effects Touch of Foundation. It's a tinted moisturiser that's gone straight onto my favourites list with the others I wrote about a while back here. The new face of Olay, the honey-skinned and beautiful Thandie Newton, apparently 'adores' this product and uses the Dark tint herself. It has a medium-rich creamy texture that blends perfectly into the skin, with a sheer tint that's neither matt nor shimmery but radiant and fresh-looking. With an SPF of 15, all-day moisture and Olay's signature 7-in-1 anti-ageing cocktail, this is a fantastic daily cream and wedding-day base for just £18.99, ideal for brides who don't want a make-up mask but a lightweight, even glow. My second great find is another product from the same range, this time the Total Effects Eye Touch of Concealer (£18.99). It baffles me how traditional concealers make one's eyes look even more tired, puffy and shadowy - I say just put on a bit of refreshing cream and be done with it, because caked orange make-up just seeps into the crevices, draws attention to them and makes them look even worse. This one however is the best of both worlds: an anti-ageing eye cream with a subtle brightening tint that gently lightens the area. Buy them both from Boots here: www.boots.com/en/Olay/Total-Effects