This sprawling resort began life in 1956 as the Legendary Palmilla Hotel, built by the son of the President of Mexico, Don Abelardo Rodriguez.

With just 15 rooms, a chapel, and a landing strip, it instantly made a hit with the Hollywood elite. John Wayne and Frank Sinatra enjoyed their share of sundowners here, and now Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston follow in their footsteps, soaking up the sun by the pool, safe in the knowledge that everyone else is far too discreet to take their picture.

Everything here embodies serenity. Maybe it's the heat that slows everything down; or the pull and thrust of the sparkling sea, which drowns out everything but the occasional thud of an iguana falling from a tree, mid-nap. Each room has views of the Pacific or Sea of Cortez and a personal butler who magically appears with a golf buggy each time you venture out. The restaurants serve fresh fish (Los Cabos has one of the most diverse communities of fish anywhere on the planet) and sumptuous tacos, and the tequila is deliciously warm and slips down far too easily.

WOW FACTOR Jennifer Aniston always books The Villa Cortez for her birthday - and a sweeping glance of this picture-perfect hacienda makes it very clear why. With expansive views of the ocean, a private infinity pool and a staff of 12 dedicated to serve your every whim, you'll certainly feel like a star.

GO The Ocean Front Villa costs from £275