Why has it taken so long? At last, a new French company has created high-end luxury organic perfumes that LAST. Honore-des-Pres (named after the Parisian junction) is headed up by nose Olivia Giacobetti and we hear it's selling like hotcakes in NYC. The collection of five perfumes contains 100% natural Eco-Cert label extracts, produced using organic farming methods in organically certified fields in Grasse in the South of France. This means they include no petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colouring agents. So if you're a green goddess hosting an eco-chic wedding and looking for the perfect finishing touch, head to Les Senteurs this month and discover the range. At £89 a bottle we'll admit they're not all that budget-friendly, but they sure do smell delicious and you really get your money's worth. Our favourite? Honore's Trip, a hot, Mediterranean, fruity splash that's literally mouth-watering (The Brides team salivated a little upon our first sniff - but in a most ladylike fashion of course). It's like a refreshing bowl of juicy tangerines and lemons with a soft blossom sweetness and, in our opinion, a perfect summer sunshine wedding perfume. www.lessenteurs.com - 01/09/2009