Clever design, pretty paper and your best craft skills make for a blooming save-the-date idea.


Using Adobe InDesign or a similar computer program, create a flower template using three oblong shapes that cross over in the middle (the centre makes a circle and the ends form the petals).

Type your save the date details in the front and colours of your choice, and select another colour for the background. Print this out on to coloured paper and stick your patterned paper on to the back. Cut out the shape.

Write 'Save the date' in gold pen and fold the petals into the middle, making sure you tuck one side of each under the one beside it to secure the flower.


Paper£2.40 per sheet;scissors, £2.50, paper, £6.90 per sheet, or store., from £8,

As seen in the May/June 2013 issue of Brides