It's getting to that time of the year when the warm weather determines our morning beauty rituals, from perfume flavours to make-up textures and hair styling products. The latter can now be deleted from your list thanks to the brilliant Permanent Blow-Dry, which I've tried a couple of times and loved. Imagine it as the reverse of a Perm, where a straightening solution is painted onto the hair, sealed with flat irons then left for three days to 'marinade'. It's then washed out and blow-dried, leaving you with sleek, silky hair for approximately three months. Every time you wash your hair it dries without frizz - you can quite literally wash'n'go without blow-drying or straightening. It's not like that other treatment, Yuko, which removes all volume and life from your locks - this one is a lighter version that lets your hair retain some volume and body. Many salons do their own version of the Permanent Blow-Dry, but since it takes two hours it's a good idea to head somewhere cool and fun where you can be pampered a little (and read this month's glossies, not last year's). Although it costs upwards of £100, it's a brilliant treatment to have before a summer wedding or hot honeymoon to avoid the dreaded humidity halo. It's also worth it for the time off you have from straightening irons and styling tools as after a three-month break your hair will feel and look a whole lot healthier. Here's a little snap of our magazine's Publisher, Camilla, having the 'NanoKeratin System' treatment at Paul Edmond's salon in Knightsbridge, London. In her words: "Paul's treatment has literally changed my life! My hair always took a minimum of 45 mins to blow-dry, having to go over and over the frizzy sections in a desperate attempt to straighten them out. Since having the treatment my hair is now glossy and smooth, and blow-drying is now a quick 5mins. The best part for me: no need to dash for cover when it rains as my 'Jew-fro' frizz is now firmly under control and the hair does not react to climate humidity or rain. For thick hair with a tendancy to frizz I cannot recommend it highly enough." Praise indeed! So, what are you waiting for? NanoKeratin System Treatment, from £150, at Paul Edmonds;