Camilla Newman

The Bridal A-team

04 Oct 2015

Brides The Show
London Olympia, London
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Celebrity weddings are all about outrageous demands and teary tantrums, right? Not so, it seems. For when Emily MacDonagh married TV personality Peter Andre in July this year, the team tasked with creating her A-list bridal look were taken aback by just how laidback she was.

Designer Sassi Holford, who made Emily's stunning gown, said: 'When I first met Emily we thought we had loads of time to plan her wedding. Her family comes from Taunton, in Somerset, where I make my dresses, and so she'd walked past my boutique many times.

'When we had the first few try-ons we thought we were just having fun - then she and Peter suddenly decided to get married with just six weeks to plan!

'But she was so laidback - she'd seen a style she liked and said that if I didn't have time to make it, she'd just have the one off the rack! Obviously I wasn't going to let that happen.'

Hairdresser Gustav Fouche, of Michael Van Clarke, told Brides' Arabella Dupont: 'Emily was so relaxed about the whole experience that we even ended up making last-minute tweaks to her hair style on the day itself! She gave me total free rein - the only brief was that she wanted plaits and that they should look like she'd done them herself.

'Sometime having the freedom to do what you want can actually be more difficult though - if brides don't know what they want, you don't always know what you want!'

Speaking at Brides The Show's On The Sofa, the team also revealed their expert tips to the assembled brides-to-be.

Make-up artist Sarah Brock - who's helped 1,000 girls throughout her career - said: 'My advice - make sure you look like yourself. I've had brides who've gone for a trial with another make-up artist and ended up phoning me in tears because they think they look like a drag queen! Take photos along - smokey eyes might mean "chic" to you, but they might mean "student rave" to your make-up artist.

'And remember: skin is the thing. Spend money on your skincare regime and on foundations - you really get what you pay for.'

'Whatever you do, don't just look at bridal hair on Pinterest - bridal hair is awful!' said Gustav. 'Look at the red carpet for inspiration. You want to look like the best version of you - don't get a style you've never had before and that just isn't you.'

The key to finding your ideal gown? Choosing something that's not too fashion-forward, says Sassi. 'I want my brides to look back at their photos at any time in their life and still love their dress. Take fashion elements but not some of its extremes!'