You Can Now Buy A Recreation of Meghan Markle's Bridal Bouquet

Royal wedding florist Philippa Craddock has released a new collection of faux bridal bouquets, including a recreation of The Duchess of Sussex's bridal bouquet.

30 Oct 2018

The florist responsible for that epic floral arch at the royal wedding, not to mention Meghan's chic bridal bouquet, has released a collection of handcrafted faux flowers.

Within the collection are faux flowers and foliage, faux flower hair accessories exclusively for, as well as faux bridal bouquets which include a range of garden bouquets as well as a recreation of the bridal bouquet Philippa designed for The Duchess of Sussex's wedding in May 2018.

"We were asked to create a replica of The Duchess of Sussex’s bridal bouquet, from a selection of our faux flowers, for the display of Their Royal Highnesses wedding outfits which launches in Windsor Castle today," Philippa wrote on her Instagram last week.

"To celebrate the display and in honour of being given the privilege of designing the bouquet, we have created a replica using a gathered selection of our unique faux flowers."

To create the bouquet, Philippa and her team have gathered stems to create a similar design in look, feel and composition to the original bouquet. Faux flowers in the bouquet include sweet peas, lily of the valley, blossom, wax flowers and heathers.

The faux flower bouquet is available to purchase from 1 November 2018, with 20% of profits from this design going to The Prince’s Trust, Women Supporting Women initiative.