Well isn't this a cute idea? Not only do the lovely ladies at Philippa Herbet make beautifully crafted casts of baby hands and feet in fine bronze, silver, gold and glass, but now the team can also give your honeymoon shells a precious-metal makeover too.


After taking a mould of your favourite honeymoon sea shells, the team will then create high-quality casts of your beach finds in your choice of bronze, silver or gold. It's a wonderful way to treasure the happy memories from your honeymoon - and good to know that all those lazy days spent combing the beach for pretty shells were not wasted!


The team can also do precious metal casts of champagne corks from your wedding day too. Cheers to that!

Prices start from £220 for honeymoon shells. For more information and to see the full Philippa Herbert range, head to www.philippaherbert.co.uk