Today is all about making sure the back line of Lauren's couture Phillipa Lepley wedding dress is perfect.

Aside from checking the loops (which are now perfectly placed on the left side of the back), we are marking the buttons and 'double checking everything' once more. But we also have a very important test at hand today: the tear test.


Lauren and her mum's eyes have welled up with emotion many a time in our fittings, but we have yet to see full on tears. Enter Alex, Lauren's little sister.

The excitement in the air is palpable, and as Lauren steps into her dress again all eyes remain dry. Phillipa's team busily work away, tying the corset and laying out the train.


And then it happens... Sitting silently across the room and watching Sunni and Julie diligently dress Lauren, the tears come.

"I think it's the most beautiful dress I've ever seen," says Alex in between a quick cuddle from mum and finding a tissue. She's passed the test.

She's right though, the dress is a beauty. The bodice is perfectly balanced, the neckline elegant and the hem (oh, the hem!) is perfect. All the hard work from the last four fittings has worked a treat; the hem now sits flawlessly, ever so delicately kissing the ground with each of Lauren's steps and showing off those beautiful lace scallops.


Finishing off the backline requires a bit more lace work, so Cynthia is called in to even out the eyelashes on the back neckline. Buttons are marked with pins and the plaquet card has to be redrawn as the corset is tied a bit tighter, and we are done!

Hard to believe, but the next fitting will be our final one - and then on to Italy for The Big Day.