Wondering where Pippa Middleton's wedding flowers are from? Pippa Middleton chose Lavender Green Flowers as her wedding florist for her wedding to James Matthews on 20th May 2017, it has been revealed.


Pippa Middleton's bridal bouquet was a collection of peony, sweet pea, astible, freesia, waxflower, green bell and alchemilla mollis. Lavender Green Flowers designed all the floral displays for Pippa and James Matthews's wedding, including a stunning arrangement for the church lychgate.

So just how does a florist begin designing the perfect wedding flowers? We spoke exclusively to Sue Barnes, founder of Lavender Green Flowers, who says:

"I begin the design process by asking brides for some key words that encapsulate how they would like the wedding to feel (words such as beautiful, elegant, romantic, chic…). We then take in to consideration the personal style of the bride, her outfit, colours of any bridesmaids outfits and the location. Finally we look at the seasons, and pull lots of looks together. "For the church or ceremony, for me it is all about love and romance and a beautifully soft feel. The look we create here doesn't have to dictate the rest of the wedding, but what does need to follow through are those key words. The flowers in the church don't have to be the same as flowers in the reception at all, but they do all need to be tied together. "The style of the bouquet is always dictated by the style of the chosen dress and most importantly the silhouette of the bride. For more petite brides we design much smaller bouquets. It can be a disaster if a bride is swamped by her bouquet, as it is important not to hide the size of their waist and their tiny frame. "There are really only two shape options; either a round bouquet or any other shape. Again scale comes in to this, and I design a shape that is fitting for the style of the dress, full of beautiful scented, seasonal flowers. "Brides getting married at the end of Spring/summer have the most covetable flower available to them which is the peony. It is glamorous, soft, romantic and impressive but most importantly it is absolutely beautiful. Other flowers that will fill the air with perfume and are seasonal are sweet peas, lily of the valley, jasmine, fresia and stocks.

"I am often asked to design flowers for bridesmaids that are going to be easy for them to hold, utterly beautiful and unusual. I recently designed hearts covered with white waxflower and gypsophilia, that hung from satin ribbon. We matched these with flowers on the girls' Alice bands. It is the little details, like the gorgeous bridesmaid's hearts, that make weddings totally individual, and our job that much more enjoyable!


"When a bride arrives at a church it is so important to surround her and her guests with flowers that look and smell absolutely sensational. Often people forget about the lychghte gate, but it is the first thing that guests see and can form a great backdrop for photographs. Archways need to be designed specifically for each church so that they don't overwhelm or take away from the architecture."