Everything We Know About Pippa Middleton's Wedding

12 Apr 2017

It's set to be one of the biggest (and likely most photographed) days of the year: Pippa Middleton's wedding is just around the corner. Ever since we saw the younger Miss Middleton don a figure-hugging Alexander McQueen gown at her sister's landmark big day in 2011, we've been dreaming of her being the one in the white dress. So, what will happen at Pippa Middleton's wedding? Keep reading for everything we know so far - when we get news, you'll find it here first.

The couple

Pippa Middleton, 33, will be marrying James Matthews. The 41-year-old who is, of course, elder brother to Made In Chelsea lothario Spencer Matthews, proposed to Pippa last summer in the Lake District. At the time, the pair had been together officially for approximately a year, but have been romantically linked for as long as a decade.

The date

Pippa Middleton's wedding date is set for Saturday 20th May 2017.

The location

The wedding ceremony will take place at St. Mark's Church in Englefield, Berkshire, which is close to the Middleton family home Bucklebury Manor, where the evening reception will be held. It's been revealed guests will dine and dance the night away under a spectacular bespoke glass structure in the grounds of Bucklebury Manor, rumoured to cost upwards of £100,000.

The dress

So far, all sources remain tight-lipped as to who the chosen designer of Pippa's gown is. Will she pick a British designer like Kate, could it be an American import, or will she go totally off-piste with an Israeli creation? On 16th May, just days before the wedding, stylists were spotted with white garment bags outside Pippa's London home that she shares with James Matthews. The size of the bags suggested Pippa will wear a slim-fitting gown, possibly accompanied by blush pink bridesmaids dresses.


The engagement ring

Pippa first gave us a flash of a whopper of a diamond ring back in July 2016. Take a closer look here.

Who is invited

Multiple sources have revealed that Pippa has a "no ring, no bring" policy for plus ones. So, essentially, if you aren't married or engaged to an invitee, you're not getting in to the ceremony. Crucially, this means Meghan Markle (now confirmed as Prince Harry's official date for the nuptials) will only be allowed to attend as an evening guest. Ooh-er! Meanwhile, Spencer Matthews's current girlfriend Vogue Williams is rumoured to be not invited.

However, with every church wedding legally classed as a public event for residents of that parish, some members of the public will be able to attend Pippa's wedding ceremony. The Church of England even has an official policy on the matter, outlining that celebrity weddings are to be given no special treatment: "the same law applies to the weddings of celebrities in Anglican cathedrals and churches as it does the weddings of any other persons... a marriage is a public ceremony which at the least all parishioners are entitled to attend".


Who has a special role

Prince George has been confirmed as a page boy, while his little sister Princess Charlotte will also be walking down the aisle with Pippa as a flower girl. Pippa, of course, took the role of maid of honour at the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding, but it's unlikely the duties will be reversed this time.

The glam squad

Amanda Cook Tucker, the Duchess of Cambridge's hair stylist, has been seen at Pippa's home, fuelling speculation that she will style Pippa's hair for her wedding. Similarly, The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding make up artist, Bobbi Brown senior pro artist Hannah Martin, is rumoured to be in charge of Pippa's bridal make up look.