Why have one hen do when you can have many? That, indeed, must have been the thinking behind Poppy Delevingne's latest celebration…


The socialite, whom is due to marry next month, gathered her crew of beautiful and fashionable friends and headed to Coachella - or Popchella, as she dubbed it - for her second hen party.

Among her star-studded lineup of hens were her younger sister Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller, socialite Mary Charteris, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and even her husband-to-be James Cook.


Here are five things we learnt from her hen madness…

1. Two hen do's are better than one. Always. Just ask Poppy.

2. Themed t-shirts can be cool. Forego lewd nicknames and ugly drawing, though. Do a Cara and don a simple white t-shirt (hers was printed at Snappy Snaps, so they say) with a simple design. If you are really, really nice Markus Lupfer will do it. He's the creative genius behind Poppy's 'Popdogs' Hen'.

3. Don't stop at themed t-shirts - go for an all out theme, too. But think of something cooler than your average 'princess and superheroes'. Poppy's first hen do was a blonde-themed affair. Extra points if you can hashtag it. Refer to #popchella for inspiration.

4. When in doubt, Instagram. These are priceless memories people!

5. Fear not the groom-to-be's presence, he can add to the fun. Poppy's husband-to-be attended her second do in California. He jumped into the pool and threw around some inflatable balls. Such fun.