If you're going to sweat it out hard and beat your muscles to within an inch of their life in the name of bridal body beautification, it better be in the swishest gym imaginable. And whilst we're at it, with the most bad-ass personal trainers in the country.


Claridge's in London is possibly the most beautiful, elegant and flawless hotel in the world, and their gym - naturally packed with all the latest Technogym equipment - has airs of art deco design synonymous with the hotel, and a panoramic view of London that can't fail to inspire. We once spotted Tom Hanks on the treadmill, jogging merrily away while gazing out onto Mayfair; and surely regular hotel guests Arnold Schwarzenegger and Angelina Jolie have undoubtedly popped up for a morning session themselves. With a clientele of such fabulousness, surely those floor mats, rowing machines and kettle bells have absorbed a little of their magical superstardom too?


This extra special space has another treat up its sleeve: it has just appointed the Freedom2Train team of personal trainers to take up residency and guide clients to their dream bodies. This is group of professional coaches, nutritionists and overall life-changers that will genuinely transform you - whether you need to lose a lot of weight, radicalise your stamina and fitness or achieve Taylor Swift-ish toned limbs. Brand founder Steve Mellor and the team have such glittering feedback from their clients, and we think they could make you feel like a superstar too.


1-2-1 PT sessions and packages start at £95 an hour. Claridge's Gym, Claridge's, Brook Street, W1K 4HR; www.claridges.co.uk; healthclubandspa@claridges.co.uk; +44 (0)20 7 409 656