The buzz: Power Plate - made famous by Madonna - and A-list skincare brand Rodial have teamed up to launch Summer Sculpt, a body-blitz package which combines Power Plate workouts with targeted fat-busting, cellulite-melting, body-sleeking creams. You pick an area you want to tackle - say tummy, arms or boobs - then hit the Power Plate two to three times a week and apply the corresponding Rodial cream for a slim-down, tone-up double whammy. The 25-minute sessions are lunch-hour friendly and each is equivalent to an hour-and-a-half in the gym; the cream takes seconds to apply (so no more excuses!)


The skinny: Power Plate involves a series of traditional exercises - squats, lunges, stretches, push-ups, ab-crunching side planks (ouch) - being performed on a vibrating platform, for a minute each. The session ends with a 'massage' - more vibrating but this time lying down (you'll be ready to) - to warm down the muscles. It's a full-body workout; no two sessions the same (which eliminates the boredom factor) - and the vibrations make your muscles work harder than conventional exercise so the results are quicker. We're talking visible weight loss in 10 weeks and a smoother, more toned silhouette in just four weeks.


Shake it up: The vibrations take a bit of getting used to, and some sessions you feel them more than others - particularly when your head vibrates (I call it brain shake), which is pretty strange. But you can really feel it working - not just during the sessions, which are a tough sweat-fest (I won't lie), but for days afterwards. You'll be in pain - but it's good pain!

Does it work? Yes! Five sessions in and I'm definitely feeling the burn (ankles, underarms - everywhere). And with the Power Plate/Rodial combo (in my case, Tummy Tuck twice a day), I'm on track for a sleeker, tighter bod in time for my beach holiday in a few weeks. For a busy bride body blitz, this totally hits the mark.


The damage? £20 per Power Plate session. Rodial body sculpting creams, including Tummy Tuck, Arm Sculpt and Boob Job, from £85;

Power Plate Academy, London W1; 020 7317 5054. Power Plate Studio Harrods, London SW1; 020 7893 8518. The programme will be rolled out nationwide later in the year. For your nearest Power Plate studio, call 020 7317 5000 or visit