Bridal boot camps have become rather (read: very) popular of late. And with their rigorous approach to weight loss and practically guaranteed results, it's easy to understand why. In a bid to test the waters, we tried out TeamBootcamp and their unique 'think-eat-move-live' philosophy to weight loss.


Craig and Paula, the warm and wonderful couple behind Team Bootcamp, are no strangers to the weight loss battle; their personal journeys led them to open up this Lincolnshire-based boot camp.

Set in a gorgeous country house in Heydour, near Grantham, it really is a home away from home. For seven days we set up camp here, not wanting to leave at the end of it.

Arriving at a boot camp is a funny experience: we all eye each other up to gauge fitness levels and figures. There is a mix of complete newcomers hoping to shed excess weight and fitness freaks looking for a new challenge. The ex-forces trainers will make sure you are pushed to your limits, whatever your ability.


As with most fitness camps, the idea isn't only extreme workouts, but a strong focus on nutrition, too. The Paleo Diet - high protein, high fiber, low carb, moderate fat diet - favoured by world-class athletes, reigns supreme here. Unlike other boot camps, the food here is both delicious and varied - our favourites were the chocolate brownies and sticky pork ribs. Portions are controlled, yes, but there isn't any calorie counting involved.

The normal day starts at 7am and finishes at 4.30pm, which is followed by a 'rest' day (which to them includes a 13 mile hike and a pilates and yoga session…)It is gruelling, but manageable.

Interspersed with expert talks from Paula, Craig and the team on nutrition, fitness and general wellbeing, we left equipped with the tools we needed to return to real life.


But what really matters: the results… We lost an amazing 11 pounds and 9cm from the waist.

In reality, we looked as though we'd been on a spa retreat rather than a boot camp. What made it so special? The support of the TeamBootcamp crew. And the amazing results, of course.

Team Bootcamp; 01529 455181; Heydour House, Churchleys, Heydour, Lincolnshire, NG32 3NG;