Want to shape up and chill out before of the big day? A spot of soul-soothing yoga could be the key. We caught up with Jonathan Sattin, founder of triyoga, to discover why yoga is just so brilliant for mind, body and spirit.


When did your love of yoga start?

In 1985 I was recommended by one of the partners in my law firm to a teacher who his wife had been going to. From my first class I knew that the practice of yoga was the key part to my overall wellbeing. This didn't mean that I stopped playing tennis and football but just that yoga was essential.

What inspired you to launch triyoga?

After I decided to stop being a lawyer (I'm occasionally reminded that I am still one in the way I behave) and was involved in a few business start ups, a friend said why don't you do what you love. And here we are now with triyoga.

Do you need to be flexible and fit to enjoy yoga?

Neither; those are at least two of the things that are so good about it. You can start as inflexible or unfit as you like or at the other end of the scale and there will be a class and style that will work for you.


Tell us about the different classes on offer at each studio.

We have over 20 different styles of yoga ranging from dynamic styles such as hot yoga and vinyasa flow to more relaxing and calming classes such as restorative and yin. As we believe yoga is for everyone, we have classes for pregnancy yoga, mummy and baby classes, classes for seniors and also more traditional styles like Iyegnar and Ashtanga. We also have regular meditation and mindfulness classes, which we believe is just as important (if not more!) as the physical practices.

Why do you think yoga could be so beneficial for brides-to-be?

Yoga is a mind-body practice. Physically it can help us get fitter, stronger and also more relaxed. And mentally and emotional it allows for clarity, helps us be more present, calm and alive. All great things for any bride-to-be.

What practise would you advise to help to tone the body?

There are many dynamic styles to help tone the body, the most popular being hot yoga, vinyasa flow, ashtanga, however most styles will allow for some sort of toning.


And what about calming stressed out minds?

Yoga, when practiced mindfully and with breath, is really a form of meditation. Giving yourself space for yoga and meditation helps to decrease or even remove stress as we gain clarity, perspective and even more energy.

You have launched a café at each studio offering delicious plant based food. What are the highlights?

Each café is unique, however they are all organic offering a delicious range of vegetarian, vegan and raw food options as well as fresh juices and smoothies. Some favourites - though it is so hard to choose, everything is so delicious - are the gluten free mango and lime balls and tahini cookies in Soho; the raw avocado taco wraps and gluten free brownies in Chelsea and the cold pressed lemon ginger tea in Camden

Why is healthy eating so important to balance mind and body?

They say 'we are what we eat'. The quality of what we put affects our energy, sleep, moods - everything really.


What's new at triyoga?

We have just opened our new flagship centre in Camden, where we have started to offer Barre classes - which is especially great for brides to be who want to get fit and toned. The far infrared sauna and far infrared yoga sessions are incredible for detoxing plus we have London's best therapists so in addition to pre-wedding yoga and meditation, a massage and organic facial does wonders!

Triyoga has centres in Camden, Chelsea and Soho. Try 30 days for just £40. www.triyoga.co.uk