Pronovias' Creative Director talks to Brides about the 2017 wedding dress collection, from 'Exit Dressing' to how British brides differ from those of other countries.

Which style would you recommend to bring out confidence in a more timid bride?

I think it's very important that the dress is suited to the bride's personality, that way she will feel more confident. The most important thing is to make the bride feel comfortable at all times. We must think about all the feelings and emotions that will surround her that day and try to help her to handle them without being worried about the dress, keeping her looking fabulous and also allowing her to be her true self.

Why is 'exit dressing' so important for the Pronovias bride?

The entrance of the bride has to be spectacular but brides are mostly with their backs to guests during the ceremony and Pronovias doesn't want to forget this, so that's why we put a lot of detailing and thought into the backs and trains of our creations. Voluminous and long trains are a growing trend and very prominent in our new collections, creating a unique and elegant bridal style. They come in a variety of fabrics including crepe, lace, and tulle.


How does the British bride differ from those of other countries?

British style has been always known for its elegance and classic nature, the historically grand royal style, but nowadays, the cool, punk, urban London trends are also well-recognised. We have different styles that British brides like; on one side, we have the classic romantic style gowns, and on the other side we also have the popular mermaid silhouette dresses with the famous tattoo effect made with tulle and lace applications.

Which designs do you think will appeal most to British brides?

Crepe is one of the main fabrics used in the collection, as well as taffeta and chiffon that bring freshness and flow to these new gowns. But lace is the essential fabric of Pronovias and, as always, is used with a light touch. We give a unique and special treatment to the making of each and every gown. Our designs are created step-by-step in our atelier in Barcelona, and each detail makes these designs special. The 'New Vintage' design could be the one that most appeals to the British brides.


Which are your favourite looks for the modern 'real' woman?

The use of crepe fabric is one of the strongest trends in our new creations, dresses full of elegance with modern touches that enhance the figure of the bride. The combination of crepe and lace are my favourites in this new collection, including the last dress that Irina Shayk wore in our most recent fashion show. But, as I said, the perfect dress for me is the one that makes the bride feel comfortable, elegant, trendy and happy.

What's your inspiration behind this collection?

Le Ciel is the name that represents the new 2017 Atelier Pronovias Collection. Inspired by the magic of a starry night, these designs gleam with their own light and are a dream come true for a bride's big day. The new collection looks for new types of volume in dresses, looking for a 'pencil' silhouette, with volume on the sides and behind, but not in front, inspired by red carpet styles. Innovative embroidery also creates new shapes, patterns and colours: feathers, silk thread and emerald green gemstones are scattered all over the new collection, making each and every design sumptuously exquisite and feminine.


How does the collection differ from anything you have done before?

Nowadays girls know what they want. They have new icons: confident, sexy and sensual women, and they don't necessarily want grand princess dresses anymore. Hence, we have reinterpreted classic volumes for lighter versions, while still offering ball gowns. We wanted to keep the romantic and classic style, but at the same time introducing a more modern and innovative touch, giving plenty of style possibilities that will allow brides all over the world to identify themselves with the collection.