On the hunt for the ultimate pre-wedding detox in the lead up to the big day? We've discovered the new Bride-To-Be juice cleanse from juicing specialists Purifyne. This dedicated cleanse plan promises to aid weight loss but more importantly detoxify the body to give you gorgeously glowing skin ahead of the big day.

You are delivered a combination of four juices per day with a concoction of supplements, clay masks, Epsom salts and a sisal brush which all help to re-energise, detox and exfoliate the body. The focus is on allowing your body to flush out impurities and there is definitely a noticeable improvement to your skin.

We caught up with Irina Bond, founder of Purifyne Cleanse to get the low-down on Purifyne's ultimate bridal beauty boost:

What inspired you to launch Purifyne?

After experiencing the benefits of a 7-day juice cleanse several years ago, I began to research further as I had never felt better, with unbounded energy, diminished cravings, mental clarity and, above all, a changed attitude to food. I also noticed that my digestion problems suffered for years were completely eliminated through the power of raw juices and improved nutrition.

What's your advice to first time juice cleansers?

Embarking on a cleanse requires mental and physical preparation. Prior to your first cleanse I would recommend taking the following steps:

o Physical preparation:

o Reduce your intake of wheat, dairy, coffee, sugar, high fat foods, alcohol, bad fats and red meat

o Increase intake of vegetables and raw greens

o Avoid eating a large meal the night before starting the cleanse

o Increase your uptake of exercise (exercise daily prior to your detox - jogging, swimming & yoga are great for eliminating toxins even when not embarking on a detox)

o Mental preparation:

o Work on your mindset. This element is as important, if not more so, than the physical preparation of your body before a cleanse

o Try and arrange to commence your cleanse on the least busy and stressful days for you at work

o Clear your fridge of all temptations

Please check out the pre-cleanse guidelines on our website: purifynecleanse.com/cleansing-guidelines.html

How far in advance should a bride-to-be embark on a juice cleanse before her wedding day?

It is a good idea to do a 7-day Bride-to-Be Cleanse (at least) 1-3 weeks before your big day followed by healthy food options for the remaining weeks.

Why are juice cleanses such a great way to detox before the big day?

Bride-to-Be Cleanse incorporates 100% Organic chlorophyll-packed Green Juices. Derived from leafy vegetables, the juices are packed with Chlorophyll, which helps to rebuild and replenish red blood cells, ultimately boosting our energy and immunity. In addition to this the juices act as a natural eliminator of toxins and a supplier of vitamins, minerals and nutrients - strengthening one's health and boosting wellbeing.

Benefits of the Bride-to-be cleanse include:

Stronger Nails & Shinier Hair: Your hair and nails need a steady supply of nutrients to grow and remain strong. If your bloodstream contains toxins, they can make your hair dull and nails soft. By doing a juice cleanse you ensure that the toxins are removed from your bloodstream and that your hair and nails receive the right nutrients more effectively.

Reduced Cellulite: Cellulite affects more than 90% of adult women. The level of toxins in your system is one of the major causes of cellulite as the body stores dietary toxins in the cells just under your skin. Poisoning these cells with junk food, caffeine etc can disrupt the layer of cells causing cellulite. Cleansing can reverse this process.

Glowing Complexion: Cleansing your colon is an essential part of any detox plan. If you are feeling washed out, tired and looking haggard, chances are that a revitalising colon cleanse will restore your skin to health.

Brighter Eyes: Problems elsewhere in your body are reflected by redness and dark rings around the pupil. A good cleanse will restore your internal system to health, replace any greyness or redness in your eyes with a sparkling white, and perhaps even lighten up the color of your iris!

Weight Loss: Weight-loss is the ultimate result of any detox diet. Juices and raw vegetables are healthy foods and great for your diet. The cleanse is a healthy way to lose a few extra pounds, as well as providing a platform to kick start an overall healthier lifestyle.

5-day Bride-to-be Cleanse priced from £330.00; purifynecleanse.com