8 Questions with Christian Pignatta of Neville Hair & Beauty

20 Mar 2018

Christian Pignatta is the Senior Stylist at Neville Hair & Beauty and a Session Stylist with Elsl Management. With plenty of experience both in salon and at fashion shows, we quizzed him on all of our bridal hair questions.

Natural-looking texture which is created by bending the hair around the curling iron as opposed to being wrapped around one. The combination of smooth and curly is modern and versatile.

Talk to us about hair care ahead of the big day...

Second day hair always looks best in my opinion. I recommend washing and blowdrying your hair the day before the ceremony and make sure to use volumising lotion or styling mousse before the blow-dry. This will ensure your hair remains intact on your big day.

Hair up vs Hair down?

I like both. My advice, when helping any bride to make the decision is to focus on two main questions; first, what compliments the dress? And secondly, what the bride is most comfortable with?

A bride should always walk down the aisle feeling comfortable and looking her absolute best.

How do you style short hair on your big day?

I love styling short hair for a wedding. There are endless combinations, like using hair products that give texture and separation. Working with the natural hair texture is key and then you can choose to add hair pieces, and accessories to complete the look.

When should you cut your hair before your wedding?

I recommend cutting the hair 2 weeks before the wedding.

How should you prep your hair before your wedding?

Visiting the same hairstylist regularly until the big day, will enable them to achieve the desired shape and style. Sometimes it can take several months to achieve the desired, length colour and style so it's important to have great communication with your stylist. There is nothing more rewarding for us than to hear we met all the brides expectations.

How do you see Meghan Markle's hair being styled on the big day?

I hope to see Megan walk down the aisle with a loose / soft up-do, and a natural shiny smooth texture.

What's your favourite part of your job?

It's the creativity and the opportunity to meet interesting people. To experience different cultures and religions, which helps me to have an open mind and to appreciate different points of view.