What: Running Best For: Budget brides who want a confidence boost and a challenge The skinny: If you are looking for a cheap way to get in shape get running. And if you don't like running alone, find a running crew and run en masse. It is beyond encouraging to run with other people; they not only push you to go further and faster than you would alone, but it also takes the boring aspect out of it and makes it social. You will be impressed what your body can do when you push it: on my first 'run' I clocked an impressive 8k in just under an hour. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be able to able to do it, and yet I did. You will notice your legs tone up quite quickly - and combined with a few push-ups or crunches at the end (when your body is thoroughly warmed up) you will start to see amazing results in no time at all. For real changes, try running three to four times per week. The true challenge is actually doing it and pushing yourself to go further and faster. If listening to music and setting yourself goals isn't working - try motivating yourself by thinking about your big day; what do you want to look like then? You might also find that you can actually plan and solve a lot of issues whilst running - just use the time to clear your head and soon an hour run will seem easy! Where: Anywhere, visit your local park or search for running clubs in your area. How much: Free! (But get good running shoes if you are going to be serious about it) MORE BRIDAL FITNESS REGIMES PRE-WEDDING FITNESS TIPS MORE FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG