Few hotels have as spectacular a setting as Saffire. The hotel overlooks Coles Bay on the eastern seaboard of the island of Tasmania, and each one of its luxurious cabins has a view over the water to the Hazard Mountains. The landscape is filled with antipodean wildlife: take a hike and you might see knee-high kangaroos and waddling wombats. Afterwards, relax in your cabin with music (the hotel will pre-load the iPod with the kind of tracks you like), and help yourself to a drink from the fridge. If it's late, you'll find a thermos of hot chocolate in your lounge, and a hot-water bottle between the cool sheets of your bed. Wow factor: The spa, where the lotions and potions contain sapphire dust. Go: Book with Turquoise Holidays; call 01494 678400 or visit www.turquoiseholidays.co.uk for more details or email <a href="mailto:bridesenquiries@turquoiseholidays.co.uk">bridesenquiries@turquoiseholidays.co.uk</a>