What: Seen on Screen Best For: Brides ready to bust a move The skinny: The new fitness class is all about dancing like the pros, created by professional dancer Bonnie Parsons. During a 90-minute session you learn a routine (literally, learn to dance like J-Lo and Beyonce), whilst burning those calories away and boosting your confidence. Bonnie's experienced crew have danced with all the big names in the music business, including Nicole Sherzinger, Jessie J, Florence and the Machine, Rihanna, Janet Jackson, JLS, Sony Playstation 3, Take That and Kelly Rowland - just to name a few. They are amazing. I have never been coordinated in my life so dancing to a set choreography was always going to be a challenge; but Bonnie's encouraging words soon help you forget your inhibitions and dance your worries away. The group classes are held monthly, but you can also schedule in some one-on-one tuition. Like all exercise, the results depend on how much you push yourself. Although it won't make you shed tons of weight, there is something exceedingly fulfilling about learning a dance routine, having fun and working out at the same time. It is a brilliant confidence boost; during once class I was dancing to Shakira's 'She Wolf' and by the end of it I seriously believed I could dance like the Colombian goddess herself. (Whether that is true is another matter entirely...) Where: Weekly workshop classes every Tuesday at the Notting Hill Harbour Club and a monthly Saturday classes and private tuition. For more details and to book your class visit www.seenonscreenfitness.com How much: £20 per class (£18 when booking online) - but they also offer a number of packages so that the more you dance, the less it costs. MORE BRIDAL FITNESS REGIMES PRE-WEDDING FITNESS TIPS MORE FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG