Diamonds are a definitely a girl's best friend - and if you are still looking for a shinny sparkler to add to your engagement ring then you are in luck, as Seventy Seven Diamonds, the online diamond retailer have now launched their collection of coloured diamonds. The website boasts the largest selection of certified natural fancy coloured diamonds in the world. Since launching in 2005, the retailer has become one of the most innovative online diamond companies to sell loose and set diamond jewellery in the UK. The brilliant colours of the jewels occur in nature, when there are tiny particles inside a diamond. Boron caused a blue hue; nitrogen a yellow glow and other colours occur through lattice defects. If you always wanted a colour diamond, why not buy loose coloured diamonds and have them built onto bespoke pieces of jewellery by their in-house design team? It's certainly one way of getting the ring of your dreams! In Spring 2012 they will also be launching a coloured diamond jewellery collection, so keep an eye out for that too. For more details visit the Seventy Seven Diamonds London Showroom: 6th floor, 23/25 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DF or CELEBRITY ENGAGEMENT RINGS YOU'LL LOVE BE INSPIRED BY REAL LIFE WEDDINGS CATCH UP WITH THE LATEST FROM BRIDESMAGAZINE.CO.UK