Sex And The Wedding II Another film, another wedding. But the question is who? Rumours abound from the secretive Sex And The City set in New York. Some sources are saying it will be a big fab gay wedding for Carrie's GBF Stanford (marrying Charlotte's former wedding planner Anthony Marantino). But then this weekend pictures surface of Samantha Jones (aka Kim Cattrall) looking the picture of bridal perfection in a long white wedding dress and veil. However, producers of the film are notorious for creating decoys and filming entirely fake scenes to throw fans off the scent. So watch this space on the aisle... Eva's A Not-So-Desperate Housewife It's been two years since Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria became wife to Tony Parker in their lavish Paris ceremony. The couple seem happier than ever and apparently it's all down to a little surprise (hint hint, other halves). 'Tony loves planning surprises and I love receiving them. We always try to outdo each other and it has become this insane competition that neither of us can keep up with. That's the action of love. Surprises speak louder than words and when you do things for somebody selflessly, it says a lot.'