Has your wedding planning been temporarily pushed aside in all the excitement of Sex and the City 2? Well what about your sex life? If your bedroom antics have taken a backseat to the guest list, table plan and dress shopping, then check out Alison Tyler's book Never Have The Same Sex Twice (Cleis Press; £10.99 from www.turnaround-uk.com). The author has been in a monogamous relationship for 15 years, filled with, she says, 'extreme, kinky, crazy, never-had-the-same-sex-twice sort of sex'. There's tricks and tips on everything from flirting with each other to abstinence, oral sex, role-playing and more - plus lots of erotic fiction thrown in to get you in the mood. £11 quid to give pre-wedding sex a saucy kick? I reckon that's worth slipping into the big-day budget. Question time On the subject of sex, we'd love to know: If you could ask a sex expert one question, what would it be? Visit The Brides Sex Q&A in the Brides Chat Room www.bridesmagazine.co.uk/wedding-chat to post your pre-wedding sex dilemmas and questions.