6 Details You Must Include On Your Wedding Invitations

You've chosen your beautiful wedding stationary, the wedding invitation wording is perfected, and now it's time to get into the nitty gritty details. One of the first things guests will think about when they open your invite (apart from their outfits) is how they'll get to your venue and where they'll stay on the night of your big day. To help you remove their stress and guess work, we've teamed up with Premier Inn to create a helpful guide about everything your wedding invite information sheet should include.

1. Location of ceremony and reception

While your invites will list the address where your nuptials are taking place, the wedding information sheet should include further details about the location itself, the area, the nearest town (if your venue is remote), as well as directions from the closest major city.

2. How to get there

If the majority of your guests are travelling to your wedding from a city like London, you should advise the best routes via car and public transport - or good airlines, flight times and car hire companies, if you're celebrating abroad. Save your guests time by doing the research in advance.

3. Where to stay

If guests are coming from far away they'll need to book accommodation for at least the wedding night, or sometimes the whole weekend. With this in mind, it's essential to list a range of accommodation options.

If most of your guests will only be staying for one or two nights, we recommend suggesting a great-value option such as Premier Inn. Not only does Premier Inn have over 750 hotels across the UK, but they're also an ideal set-up for wedding guests, with perfect getting-ready facilities such as power showers and vanity mirrors. And not to mention the sleep-friendly noon check out time!

Also, keep in mind that guests with children will need to stay somewhere family friendly. Premier Inn is a failsafe option for parents, as it has family friendly rooms, as well as free stays and breakfasts for kids. Ts&Cs apply*

4. Local transport information, parking options and coaches

If your wedding is in a remote location, be sure to include the phone numbers of trusted local taxi companies on your wedding information sheet. It's equally important to let your guests know if and where they can park by the venue.

If you've organised to have coaches transport guests to nearby hotels at the end of the party, your information sheet should include details and timings for this.

5. Details about the days before and after the wedding

Planning to have welcome drinks with guests the night before? Or a leisurely lunch the day after? List plans like these on the wedding information sheet, so people can organise themselves accordingly.

If you don't have any other events or meet ups planned, it's nice to recommend local sights and a few good food and drink spots for guests from out of town. With so many locations across the UK, Premier Inn is a perfect suggestion for guests, as each hotel has a bar and restaurant located either inside or just next door.

6. Contact details for wedding party

Most of your guests will already have your mobile number but, on the day of the wedding, it's unlikely you'll have time look at it. List alternative contacts on your wedding sheet. Agree with your ushers, bridesmaids, parents or wedding planner (if you have one) that they'll take care of 'guest comms', so you don't have to worry about it!

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