Multi-tasking is the trend du jour don't you know, so every new product that arrives on my desk must pass the value-for-money checklist. Is it gorgeous? Is it essential? Can it do more than what's written on the tin? Three ticks and it has won me over, just like Jonathan Ward's scented candles. First of all, they are super pretty with dreamy flavours like Kiss in Rio, After the Rain and Peonies in Paris, so there's one to scent every style of wedding reception. Perfuming your wedding is so important: it adds a third dimension to the guests' experience by introducing smells that fit with the mood of your day. Plus, all the fragrances you integrate into your big day (your own perfume, the flowers, candles, diffusers, the food) become associated with your wedding memories. I still light the same candle I had in my ceremony room whenever I have my parents over for dinner - it reminds me of the conviviality of the wedding meal and how much fun we all had. These candles go one step further too. They're made from organic bees' and Soya wax, they're free of carcinogens, scented with natural fragrance essences and packaged in recycled, environmentally friendly boxes. And the biggest tick of all? The crystal jars can be re-used as fabulous cocktail tumblers; so once the wedding's over, you have a brand new collection of glasses to toast those memories to. From £28.